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When to Wear a Waist Trainer

Nov 14th 2020

"When to wear a waist trainer? How long do you wear a waist trainer? and whether a waist trainer works or not?" Are just a few of the most common questions asked about waist trainers. This comprehensive guide on waist trainers answers these questions as well as the do's, don'ts why's and how's of waist training.

Waist Trainer

What is a waist trainer? A waist trainer is a tight garment worn around the midsection. Its purpose is to shape the waist and create that curvaceous hourglass figure that many desire. Once worn, a waist trainer immediately tightens and cinches up the waist making it look smaller than it actually is.

Waist trainers are also used to boost belly fat loss. They can stimulate thermal activity around your core which helps you sweat more during your exercise routine.

Waist trainers are made with a combination of tough fabrics and strong boning-materials. Lacing, velcro, hooks, or other fasteners are used to keep the trainer held together and in place.

Do Waist Trainers work?

According to researchers, waist trainers work. How? When worn, a waist trainer pulls in the midsection creating a smaller waist and a more refined outline.

After wearing a waist trainer for a long period, your waist starts to take the shape of the trainer. That’s how this garment trains the waist. Some fitness experts say that when a waist trainer is worn during workouts, it can aid in the reduction of belly fat. Waist trainers improve core support and are of great help during strength training. However, caution is advised against wearing such garments or anything constricting during cardio workouts.

The effectiveness of a waist trainer is seen immediately when it's worn. Once worn correctly, many people have noticed an instant reduction in waist size. Their waists appear 2 to 3 inches smaller.

If you are looking to define your waist and improve your core, then incorporating waist training into your fitness routine might help get that slim, curved waist.

What are the benefits of waist training?

4 Benefits of Waist Trainers

Waist trainers can offer a range of benefits to those who want a sleeker and slimmer waist. Unfortunately, most people don’t get to enjoy all the benefits of waist training. Reason being, that they do not know when to wear a waist trainer and how long to wear a waist trainer.

In the next section we address these two issues but first, let's look at what you will get with the proper use of a waist trainer.

Gives an hourglassfigure- The greatest benefit of wearing a waist trainer is that it gives you an hourglass figure. However, you have to incorporate a good diet and exercise if you are looking for long-lasting results. Most people wear waist trainers for just a day and expect great results. To get this hourglass figure, you have to wear your trainer frequently and for the recommended amount of time.

Aids in weight loss- Anytime your body sweats heavily, you get to lose fats which translates to weight losseventually. When wearing a waist trainer, thermal activity happens around your core. This helps you sweat more. Many wear their trainers when exercising because they'll sweat much more than they would have without their waist trainers on. A waist trainer also helps in reducing appetite. When you have it on, it compresses the stomach making one feel fuller for longer thus reducing appetite. You can only have small portions of healthy meals otherwise you’ll start experiencing discomfort.

Improves posture- Waisttrainers’maingoalistogiveyouasleekmidsectionandimproveyourcurves. When worn the right way, it can improve and even correct your posture. Wearing a trainer habitually helps to realign and straighten your back. It also encourages new and correct posture habits. Since waist trainers are made of strong boning-materials such as metal. They significantly lower the chances of awkwardly bending your back. At the same time, they lower the pressure exerted on your spine.

Provides postpartumsupport- Waist trainers help give support to women who just delivered. During pregnancy, women’s abdominal muscles thin out and stretch. Wearing a waist trainer after delivery helps to tighten your muscles reducing the elasticity that causes stretching. It also reduces discomfort and pain brought about by the stretching. A study by theInternational Journal of Gynecology and Obstetricsfound that women who wore a waist trainer after acesareanbirth had less pain and discomfort compared to those who didn’t.

When to Wear a Waist Trainer?

To enjoy all the benefits that you can get from wearing a waist trainer, it is recommended to wear one during all your waking hours. That is 8 hours or more every day. This way, you'll improve your sitting and standing posture. It is also beneficial to wear a trainer when you are working out as explained before. But always exercise caution, don't use a waist trainer when doing high-intensity workouts.

How Long Do You Wear a Waist Trainer?

You may expecttowitness waist training results immediately after you remove your waist trainer. The results you get entirely depend on how long you've worn the waist trainer. It is almost impossible to get good results if you do not pair your waist training regime with a healthy diet. It is recommended to wear a waist trainer for 8 hours a day or slightly more. You can also wear your trainer year in year out.

The period in which you wear your trainer is for you to decide, according to your desired goal. Some people also wear their waist trainers overnight. Though this is not highly recommended by medical professionals. Some people have seen results using this method because the additional waist training hours help them maximize all the benefits that a waist trainer has to offer.

How to Wear a Waist Trainer?

Day 1

As a beginner, it is important to start with a couple of hours then increase them gradually as you get used to wearing your waist trainer. You can begin with 2 to 3 hours on the first day.

Day 2

On the second day, you can wear your waist trainer for 4 hours or more. In case you experience extreme discomfort, it means that you may have not put it on properly or maybe it's not the right size.

Day 3

You are now getting accustomed to waist training, you already know when to wear a waist trainer. On this day you can wear your waist trainer for 6 hours maximum. You can also incorporate a few stretches and a few minutes of workout.

After the third day of waist training, things get easier. You start enjoying your waist training journey and can even start seeing some results.

Tips to Keep in Mind

1.You might appear slimmer immediately you start waist training.

2.The results will depend on your commitment and effort.

3.Thermal activity will occur and therefore you’ll need to stay hydrated.

4.Invest in a good waist trainer; cheap ones won’t give the best results.

5.Give it time, keep on waist training, don't give up if you don’t get results immediately.

6.Take measurements, inches never lie.


When to wear a waist trainer is completely dependent on your goals. However, for the best results, it is recommended to wear the waist trainer most of your waking hours. 8 hours minimum is how long you should wear a waist trainer.

But you have to take it slow when you start. Experts recommend using a waist trainer for not more than 2 hours on the first day or so. Then you can gradually increase up to 6-8 hours over the following 10-14 days.

Waist trainers are beneficial in different ways as seen in this guide. It gives you that hourglass figure, improves posture, provides postpartum support, and helps you improve your eating habits. So long as you use it properly. Ensure to get the right size, take it slow, take precaution, exercise, and incorporate a healthy diet. These are the secrets to getting the right results using a waist trainer.